Mobile Spa Massages

We provide mobile spa services in the comfort and privacy of your own home , hotel or private location. Our therapists will bring all the equipment required and will set up in your location of choice. 

Indian Head Massage 30 min R 250
Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage 30min R 250
Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage 45 min R 325
Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage (incl. back exfoliation) 45 min R 350
Swedish Massage 60 / 90 min R 350/ R 595
Deep Tissue Sports Massage 60 / 90 min R 495/ R 625
Mother to Be Massage 75 min R 495
Aromatherapy Massage 60/90 min R 495/ R 625
Corporate Wellness Days 60 min R300 P/H P/Therapist

Workplace Massage

Since 2017, Body Avenue  has been helping businesses reward their staff with convenient, cost-effective corporate massage packages. In just 15 minutes, our caring team of experienced therapists will de-stress, invigorate and revitalise your staff.

According to Fortune Magazine, some of the best companies to work for already use seated massage as an excellent way to attract, reward and retain valuable staff. We can cater workplace wellness packages to suit your company’s needs, whether you require massages weekly or just on a casual basis.

  • Relieves stress;
  • Can help your team through a demanding time
  • Combats the stress of restructuring, intensive projects, and other hectic times of the year
  • Can de-stress and help everyone work more effectively towards a deadline or during product launches
  • Boosts morale;
  • Rewards staff for their extra efforts
  • After our visits you will notice the morale lift in the office
  • Relaxed workers are more likely to co-operate better with each other
  • Lowering stress levels can improve the work environment for everyone
  • Increases productivity;
  • Lower the day-to-day stress of the workplace and reap the rewards
  • Stress-related employee turnover, absenteeism and waning morale all affect the bottom line
  • Job stress and related problems cost South Africa  companies millions of Rands  per year

Group Spa Packages

Body Avenue redefines the spa experience to harmonise your body, mind and spirit with a fusion of luxury and nature’s most precious ingredients in the comfort of your own home or office. Treat your friends or family to indulgent spa treatments in your home with our group Spa packages specifically tailored to accommodate large groups. 

Golf Day Massages

During or after  the golf tournament, the massage therapists will work on the golfers’ wrists, arms, shoulders, necks, backs, and even legs while they wait their turn at the hole. 

The green is where deals get made, alliances are formed, and bragging rights are forged. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for your company to stand out from the crowd of other sponsors. 

Our Golf Day massage is a great marketing tool. It’s perfect way to thank your VIP clients and creates unforgettable memory of your company. your participants and potential clients will be impressed. It can also be used as a staff reward.